Spring 2009

Mummy took this series one afternoon at the park - it's getting a little too warm for the park now!

we're in HK - at Mummy and Daddy's favourite pizza place!

Getting ready for the rugby 7's - my first HK 7's!

Mummy dragged me along to meet loads of friends all around the stadium!

On the train on the way to Guangzhou

Our apartment in GZ had a corner bath - Saffy and I loved it!

I needed a bath!!!

With Junko and Leila in HK

Given my Irish passport, I had to wear this top several times during the 6 nations!

First time walking outside - I did quite a bit of crawling too though and trashed my trousers!

In Singapore airport - a fab sculpture of a lady with her baby on her back - and mummy with me on her back!

My first time on the Star Ferry - I slept through the experience!

I woke up for the tram ride!

And at quiet times in the rugby I played the bongo's on some discarded cups!

or tried to sample them! Good job Mummy and Daddy were being sensible and didn't have vodka hidden in them this year!!

With our friend Eleanor in Guangzhou

We met up with some of Daddy and Mummy's old colleagues - it was the first time I'd seen them

With our old Ayi - she was very happy to meet me!

I kept escaping from Mummy!

I walk most of the time now

I'm a bit of a naughty monkey - this is me having climbed up on Saffy's chair to get her weetabix from her bowl!

In HK I got starbucks for breakfast!

I LOVE this - what a party!!!

Cheering and waving my illegal blow up fist!

Trying to get a blow up hand to add to my collection!

You'd be amazed at how much rice and noodles I can stuff in to my mouth all in one go!

On the train on the way back to Shenzhen

With our friends Georgie and Lucy and Angus in Singapore


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