My First Year



My First Month - pictures from when I was born and including my first holiday



My Second Month


My Third Month - lots of pictures from our trip to the UK


My Fourth Month - we're back in Abu Dhabi for the summer


My Fifth Month - more action in Abu Dhabi


My Sixth Month - our holiday to Jordan and Syria


My Seventh Month - pics of me learning to eat and to sit up!

  My Eighth Month - which included a trip to Oman
  My Ninth Month - us in Abu Dhabi and at the Dubai 7's
  My tenth month - a trip to India and my first Christmas
  My Eleventh Month - just hanging out in AD
  My Twelfth Month - including a trip to Fujairah and Saffy's birthday
  My First Birthday - pics from the day and  from my small party

Abu Dhabi - some of Mummy's pictures of life in UAE


Indigo's photos were last updated on 13-04-2009